About Us

Flydigi Lab was established in December 2008. The core technology team consisted of doctorless and masters from Fudan University, with great technology accumulation and R&D experience in game industry and hardware and software field of gaming peripheral.

We treat the game as a faith, with the concept of "Pursue the ultimate gaming experience", and carefully create each product to stimulate the players' great potential and build the game world as you like.

Right now, Flydigi owns a number of technological invention patents and has 0developed more than 30 peripheral product solutions since its establishment, becoming a leader in this field.


Flydigi Lab

Focus on R&D of mobile game controller and collaborate with players together to explore hidden various energy in the game.

6-axis Motion Sensing

In April 2015, Flydigi launched the X8 series controller which is the first game controller equipped with 6-axis motion sensing technology to accurately move crosshair by shaking controller in shooting games.

Flydigi Utool

In April 2016, Flydigi created the Utool, which enables to activate button mapping without root for Android phone. Free play anytime.

Stretchable Controller

In September 2016, Wee Mobile Game Controller had been launched. Its compact and convenient, with colorful shell. Players made an great impression of its unique appearance .

Custom Operation

Flydigi makes continuous improvement of controller operation and create a variety of gameplay.


Flydigi Product

Game peripheral, platform and hardware, which builds a stable and perfect game ecosphere. Flydigi is aimed to create a multi-screen interactive entertainment platform supporting all games.


Flydigi Team

We are a group of game enthusiasts, the enthusiasm for the game makes us to constantly break though limits in operation. We are also the geek on the hardware.

With years of R & D experience in game industry, million times of game tests and thousands times of program research and development, we always carry the passion and the dream of start-up phase. Make continuous innovation to bring great experience of mobile game operation for you.